Terrain Massacre

Terrain Massacre is a run with many surprising obstacles across extremely difficult terrain.

En route 5- and 10-kilometer loops you can expect challenges that require stamina, strength, cunning and cooperation skills.

Are you ready for the most difficult run of your life?

Do you want to discover the limits of your possibilities and push them further?

And perhaps you want to check if a contact with mud brings you closer to nature?:)

Terrain Massacre will take place on June 9-10, 2018 in Myślęcinek and September 23, 2018, Bydgoszcz – the biggest municipal park in Poland.


 Choose one of the distances available:

 10 kilometers with nearly 40 obstacles is a competition for the toughest athletes 

 5 kilometers with about 20 obstacles is planned for those who still have a little bit of common sense …

 Register a group of 5 or 10 friends and pick up additional gifts of Terrain Massacre and compete again in team classification!

Register yourself starting from Thursday, January 15 from 9:00 am
First fifty people with registered payment will take advantage of a special entry fee of Zl 69


 GROUP ENROLLMENT (5 and 10 people) 
Participate as a group and pick up
additional gifts of Terrain Massacre for all teammates. 
How to enroll as a group in order to pick up gadget?
IMPORTANT – In order to pick up gift, you have to allow the group leader to pay for all in one wire transfer!
1. Fill individually entry forms for 5 or 10 people (
form is available here), but do not pay for single entry!

2. When you are the leader, select proper form (group comprising 5 or 10 people) and from among people on the lists below select members of your group.
3. Send the entry form and pay the entry fee in one wire transfer.
4. On the day of event, all members of the group will receive special gadgets in the competition office before Terrain Massacre!






 Every participant who crosses the finish line will receive a finisher souvenir.

Participants will be classified in the following categories:

a. Women

b. Men

c. Woman’s team* (members of the team are also classified individually)

 d. Mixed team* (members of the team are also classified individually)

e. Hardcore athletes – for participants with the weight of over 110 kg

 * Team consists of at least three people starting individually within one distance (5 or 10 km) and taking part at the wave start (at the same time).

During team enrollment, you should make sure that you selected the same time of wave start.

 Team classification of every distance takes the sum of the best three results achieved by team members.

 Winners classified on I-III positions in general classifications of women and men receive non-cash or cash prizes.

 Team winners classified on I-III positions in team classification receive non-cash prizes.


1. Enrollment to Terrain Massacre starts on January 15, 2017 at 9:00 am at the website, and ends on June 7, 2017 or when the limit of participants is reached.

2. Online registration allows exclusively online payments.

3. When the limits are not exceeded, it will be possible to register and pay entry fee with cash on the day of event.

4. Entry fee for individuals will amount to:

- first 50 people with confirmed payment – Zl 69
- until March 15, 2017: Zl 79
- until April 15, 2017: Zl 89
- until May 15, 2017: Zl 99
- until June 6, 2017: Zl 129

- on the day of event: Zl 159 (cash only)


 Gather together a group of friends to triathlon and earn bonuses!

Remember, together we can do so much! Help of partners in race is priceless.

 With combined payment for 5 or 10 people using a form for group enrollment, every member will receive a unique gift that can be picked up in the triathlon office.

Minimum 5 people – very nice gadget for everyone

Minimum 10 people – ultra nice gadget for everyone

6. Fees for the whole group should be made by single payment accompanying team registration.